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Archiv 2005

On 2.4.2005 was mating of our Chesapeake bay retrievers,
ICH,CH ČR,SR,JCH ČR Cash z Vlčích luk x JCH ČR Aschinta Adey May´s
(both parents to be seen in the section Our dogs)

On 1.6.2005 puppies of our brown CBR retrievers were born. There were 10 of them. 7 males a 3 females. You will find more in the section Offspring.

9.4.2005 was mating of our Rhodesian Ridgebacks,
Arčí z Jabloňové zahrady
x Gretta from Sulická tvrze
( mother in the section Our dogs)

 On 9.6.2005 puppies of Rhodesian ridgebacks were born. There were  11 of them, , 5 males a 6 females. More in the section Offspring



On 10.10.2005 was mating of Irish wolfhound, on 9.12.2005 puppies should be born

On 8.12.2005 puppies were born. More information with pictures go to section Offspring

:  ICH Thelonius Sagittarius - Toník

Euro Junior Winner 2003
Champion of Poland

Fulfilled all conditions to be awarded the Champion WDK.
Fulfilled all conditions to be awarded the Champion of Greyhound fanciers´ Club.
Fulfilled all conditions to be awarded the Slovak Champion.
Fulfilled all conditions to be awarded the Czech Champion.

The Club Winner 2005

Eurodog Show Tulln 2005 - champion class - V4

4 x BOB
3 x The Best Dog of saluki
1 x The National Winner
1 x The Winner of Slovakia 2005

1 x res. CACIB
1 x CACA
1 x VDH
10 x CAC
3 x CWC
12 x res. CAC

The hearth check-up negative.  (including  dopplerem) year 2004
Canisterapeutistics Examination mastered.

Mother:   Aurea Cobalt - Eliška
(more about her in the section Our dogs)

                                                                            pedigree of puppies

Aedach of Eagle  (Father of Toník) 

Pogoria Sagittarius  ( mother of Toník)





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