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Why not to buy a puppy without the pedigree ?

Veronika Brožová – kennel Wankie

You have decided to get a puppy of “Rhodesian ridgeback”. We hope you have considered your decision and that your conclusion is not grounded just on a nice picture from a Book of Dogs. You might be making decision between a male or a female. Or you might be considering the alternative to get a ridgeback without the pedigree.

To get a ridgeback without the pedigree is unfortunately not such a problem nowadays. This breed has not got such a long tradition in the Czech Republic yet, however, advertisements offering puppies, maturing or even adult ridgebacks without the “PP” are to be found in any Breeding advertising magazine. Though, that is the fate of breeds that come, to their detriment, into fashion. Just have a look, where the Dalmatian dogs, Golden or Labrador retrievers or even the small Yorkshire terriers are. You can meet them in the streets, however, possibly one of ten will have its real breed characteristics, and I do not dare to mention the state of their temper and health.

When buying a puppy without the pedigree,  you face readily several possible risks.

No one can guarantee you the genuineness of the parents´ origin. Afterwards, you can just expect an unfavourable surprise of Who your puppy actually will be. When reading advertisements you will come across these lines „puppies without pedigree after parents with pedigree to be sold.  With high probability, there is a well grounded reason, why parents of such puppies were not allowed into the breed. There might be some serious health or character problems.  And that is not in your reach, to find it out.

To allow a dog in to a pedigree breed so that it can have puppies with pedigree it must comply with the conditions, an accountable Club states The matter is to allow into the breed just the typical ones who does not embody any rough fauls and specially dogs who underwent check-ups for heritable illnesses that may come up in relation to the given breed, and at last dogs of good-temper and inoffensive character. Those are by Rhodesian ridgeback absolutely impermissible.

A relevant health problem we encounter by Rhodesian ridgeback is the dysplazie of the hip-joint. Dogs with positive finding are excluded from the breed. Thereby, the occurrence probability of this orthopedic disorder in a pedigree breed is highly eliminated. Unfortunately, there are still people who cannot reconcile with the fact, that their bitch would not get puppies, and have them beer notwithstanding their indisposition.

One of the most serious health defects is dermoid. That is a skin cyst which in the worst cases can effect the spinal canal, and so the spinal cord. This is incompatible with life. The consequences are dog´s suffering and it can even get crippled in the final state. In a pedigree breed, these puppies are set asleep straight after birth, which prevents them from the following torment. Though, it is not always easy to find this dermoid, only an experienced keeper, or breed consultant can do it. In case you get a dog from a certificated breed, you minimize the alternative of a crippled puppy. However, the probability of the risk is incomparable with that one when buying a ridgeback without pedigree.The benefit from the ! pedigree! is that you can check whether your dog does not come from family-related connection, which might have highly negative consequences on its health and mentality. There are examples known of “no – papers breeds” where much related dogs were coupled, as mother with son or siblings with each other.

If you do not have exhibitionist or breed – keeping ambitions, you can have a puppie with a small exterior faul. A white paw or wrong ridge will not upset your puppy.  If you deserve its love, it will be the best doggie friend. Despite the little deficiency on its beauty, it will acquire the !pedigree! on the grounds of its origin from a certificated breed. The price of such a puppy is usually lower than the one of a puppy with breed like expectations. It is definitely a better choice than a puppy without pedigree, even if is that one some  3-4 thousands cheaper. Might those be too different financial amounts to you, do not feel offended when I say, you should not get yourself this kind of dog at all. The total costs for nutrition and vet will multiply the price of acquisition many times. And how about when an accident happens to your four-legged friend?

At last, the most important thing and that is the choice of the breed keeper. The one, who cares for his puppies with passion, will not sell his beloveds just like that after a short phone call. He will want to meet you, talk to you, get to know you to assure him self maximally that his minder will get into safe hands. You may will have to travel through the whole country. But that does not matter. You should be aware of the fact, that you are getting yourself a living creature, a dog, the best friend of human being, for whom you will be responsible for further several years of your life and who will be the whole time fully dependent on you.



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