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Bazzi Mia Maka-Boma
* 7.9.2005


Date Place - class -judge Valuation Judge´sreport                                                                           
8.4.06 National show Ostrava-juveniles-Mrs.Frnčová

Competition The Best Kennel Maka-Boma

Very promising 3

7 months old elegant female, quite well-developed, very nice head, dark eye, scissors, correct top and under line, right  angulation, spacious movement, attentive character, excellent presentation                           
22.7.06 National show
Mrs.Witkowská (PL)
Excellent 1,
good size, good proportion, beautiful female head, very good top and under line, excellent movement
2.9.06 International show
Mr. Skok (CRO)
Excellent good size, typical head, a bit narrow bin front, well angulated, moves well
16.9.06 Club show Svojanov - youth- Mrs. Wang
( S.Africa )
Excellent 12 months old, good colour of eyes, good neck, very good ridge and back
17.9.06 Club show Svojanov - youth - Mrs. Nevo
( IZR)
Excellent 12 months old, good size, good proportion of body and head, female head, dark eye, elegant neck, good footpads, chest, excellent  angulation in front and back, very good movement, good ridge
23.9.06 National show Brno
- youth - Mr. Herian (CR)
Excellent 3 12 months old, scissors, good colour of eyes, very nice head, very nice in posture, good paws
7.10.06 International show Ceske Budejovice
- youth - Mrs. Ubrová (CR)
Excellent 4 12 months old, scissors, very good frame, excellent movement
International show Praha
- youth - Mr. Matyáš (SR)
Excellent very good size and good proportion of head, good angulation in back, standard ridge, very good presentation
10.2.07 International show Brno
- youth - Mrs. Frnčová (CR)
Excellent 17 months old elegant female, good proportion of body,  beautiful female head, very good top and under line, excellent movement, very good presentation



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