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Breed test

Keonrunako Leoridge

1.5.2007 Photos from breed test

   Type    Typical strong
   Height    69,5 cm
   Global appearance    Correct
   Chest depth    Correct (1:2)
   Cage construction    Strong
   Musculature    Correct
   Color    Red Wheaten
   Mask    No
   Emblems    White emblem on chest
   Hair structure    Standard
   Lenght    Correct
   Width    Corect
   Crowns    Expressive
   Box    Correct
    Poise judgement
   Head    Typical
   Stop    Expressive
   Crown of the head    Correct
   Front face frown    No
   Ridge of the nose    Correct
   Nose    Black
   Ears    Adjacent
   Ears shape    Correct
   Bite    Scissors bite
   Missing teeth    P1 - extraction
   Eyes    Dark, correspond with eye and ear colour
   Neck    Correct
   Chest    Correct
   Rib vaulting    Correct
   Spine    Correct, straight
   Back    Correct
   Tail    Correct
   Tail Mounting    Correct
     Front legs
   Angulation    Correct
   Emplacement    Free elbows
   Paws emplacement    Correct
   First finger    Existing
   Nail colour    Correct
     Back Legs
   Angulation    Correct
   Emplacement    Correct
   Paws emplacement    Correct
   Wolf nail    Away
   Nail colour    Correct
     Movement, Character
   Movement judgement    Correct
   Character    Without aggressiveness




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