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Judge´s reports

Keonrunako Leoridge
* 12.6.2005

National show Ostrava - Mrs. Frnèová (CR)

Judge´s report:
10 months old gentlemanlike dog, excellent head, dark eye, scissors, full set of teeth, elegant neck, expressive before-brisket, excellent top and under line and angulation in front, standard coat good colour  with expressive ridge, attentive character, excellent presentation 

International show Nitra - Mr. Sinko (SLO)  
Judge´s report:         
11 months old, very good kind, correct occlusion, good ridge, top line less tight, correct angulation, good motion

International show Brno - Mrs. Ovesná (CR)  
Judge´s report:  
12 months old dog, good scope, good head, nice ear, top line less tight, chest spacious, tail is well embattled and attached

National show Mladá Boleslav - Mrs. Witkowská (PL)
Judge´s report: 
strong, well-built dog, typical head, straight dorsal line, good angulation in front and back, deep chest

International show Bratislava - Mr. Martinez ( ARG ) 
Judge´s report:         
correct type, correct head and neck, correct dentition, correct topline and bone, correct move

International show Bratislava - Mr. Piskay (SR)  
Judge´s report:         
good size, good bone, good beef, good head, deep chest, good angulation in front and back

International show Mladá Boleslav - Mr. Skok (CRO)  
Judge´s report:         
good size and type, nice head, good front, well topline, should move better, good colour

International show Praha - Mrs. Mach (CH)  
Judge´s report:         
good colour, good size and type, good front, well topline, excellent move, good character, corect ridge, excellent head, full scissors bite, excellent masculine dog


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